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JB10 seires Connector
Including two types:90 cores, 120 cores, the outline dimensions and contacts arrangement meet the requirement of MIL-C-55302, and widely used for electric connector among the PCB of computer and electric equipment.
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JB10 seires JB10 seires
JB10 seires Connectors Product solid pictureJB10 seires Connectors Product solid picture
JB10 seires JB10 seires
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JB10 seires JB10 seires

    ?  Two types: 90 cores, 120 cores;
    ?  Termination styles: solder contact, in-line contact for PCB, right angle contact for PCB;
    ?  The specification meet the requirement of MIL-C-55302.
    ?  The Performance Standards:
      Q/Ln .J6-91-99    Standard for JB10 duel connectors for PCB

JB10 seires JB10 seires
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JB10 seires JB10 seires
Ambient Temperature Range
-55~+125 ?
Relative Humidity
Up to 98% at +40?
10~2000 Hz?147 m/s2
490 m/s2
Current Rating
3 A
Contact Resistance
=10 mO
Insulation Resistance
=5000 MO 
Dielectric Strength
1000 V
1000 times
JB10 seires JB10 seires
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JB10 seires JB10 seires

    How to order connectors
    JB10×    TJ/ZK    ×     F
    ?      ?      ?     ?     ?  
      ?:JB10  —Series Prefix
      ?:×    —Number of contacts: 90, 120
      ?:TJ/ZK — Type of connectors and contacts: TJ—Pin in the plug  ZK—Socket in the receptacle
      ?:×    — Termination styles: no designator for solder contact  W – Right angle contact for PCB   N – In-line contact for PCB
      ?:F — Mounting mode: F – contact by float
   For example
      JB10 —   90   ZK  N
      Means the type JB10 receptacle, the termination style is in-line contact for PCB, the number of the contact is 90, the type of contacts and connectors is socket in the plug receptacle.

JB10 seires JB10 seires
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JB10 seires JB10 seiresSolder contact connectors by float
Including two types: JB10-90ZKF and JB10-120ZKF;
Right angle contact for PCB
Including two types: JB10-90TJW, JB10-120TJW, etc;
I-line contact for PCB
Including four types: JB10-90TJN, JB10-90ZKN, JB10-120TJN, JB10-120ZKN, etc.
JB10 seires JB10 seires