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Legal Statement

1. Regulations and conditions of access to Anovay's website


The following regulations are applicable to all the users or browsers accessing the website. Anovay, Inc. (Anovay) reserves the right to revise the regulations at any time. The right to access the website shall be granted by Anovay in accordance with the following provisions. In case you disagree with any of the following provisions, please stop using the website. With regard to any behavior of violating the provisions, Anovay shall have right to take legal and fair remedies.


2. Disclaimer


With regard to the materials and information covered in the website, including but not limited to texts, pictures, data, points of view, suggestions, web pages or links, Anovay gives no guarantee of the accuracy, completeness, sufficiency and reliability of such materials and contents despite its attempt to provide accurate materials and information in the website, and definitely disclaims any responsibility of mistakes or omission of the materials and contents, and any explicit or implicit guarantee for the materials and contents, including but not limited to the guarantees related to ownership, non-infringement of a third party's rights, quality, and having no computer virus.


Anovay may revise the contents of the website at any time without any notification or warning. Please access the website periodically so as to obtain up-to-date information.


Anovay mentions the products or services provided by the companies other than Anovay in the website just for providing related information, and such mention does not mean Anovay's recognition or recommendation of such products or services.


Anovay makes no declaration, guarantee or recognition for any product, service or information mentioned in the website. All the products and services it sells shall be bound by the sales contracts and regulations of the company.


3. Copyright statement


All the materials or contents covered in the website shall be protected by the Copyright Law. Anovay owns all copyrights unless otherwise stated. Without prior written consent of Anovay or other parties, any content in the website shall not be copied, distributed, photocopied, played, linked or transmitted with super-links, loaded into other servers in "mirroring method", stored in information retrieval system or used for any other commercial purpose by any person in any means, unless otherwise downloaded or printed for non-commercial and individual use (under the condition that revision shall not be made and the copyright statements or other ownership statements in the materials shall be reserved).


4. Trademark


All trademarks and logos used and showed in Anovay's website shall be owned by Anovay unless otherwise stated. None of the contents covered in Anovay's website shall be considered granting the permission or rights of using any above-mentioned trademark and logo in implicit, unopposed or any other way without prior written consent of Anovay or other parties. Nobody shall use Anovay's name, trademarks and logos in any way without prior written consent.


5. Provided products or services


Because the Internet is internationalized and has no boundary, the information provided by the website is also internationalized. Therefore, not all the products or services mentioned in the website are available in your country or area. Please contact local sales representatives or agents for more information about the products or services available in your country or area.


6. Links to third parties


The links to the websites or web address of third parties may be reserved in the website. Users may access the links at their own discretion. Anovay gives no guarantee of the accuracy, completeness, sufficiency and reliability of any information, data, point of view, picture, statement or suggestion provided by such links. Anovay provides such links just for your convenience instead of promotion or advertising, and its provision does not mean Anovay's recognition and recommendation of the information.


7. Protection of personal information


Anovay fully respects your privacy right, and spares no effort to protect your personal information. Generally, you are not required to provide any personal information for browsing Anovay's website. For specific purposes, in case you provide your name, sex, category and number of credentials, date of birth, country, E-mail box, telephone, address and P.C., services or information desired, customer code and other similar personal information that are required for registration or reading E-information by voluntarily filling in forms, you will be deemed having understood and accepted the use of your personal information and agreed that Anovay uses your personal information for the specific purposes.


Anovay is committed that it will not sell your personal information at any time under any circumstance and it will use the information obtained in accordance with the provision only within the scope allowed by laws. However, Anovay may provide certain of your personal information to law executive organs and government authorities as regards their request; and it may disclose certain of your personal information within a minimal scope when Anovay reasonably thinks it is necessary for protecting Anovay, its customers or the public. You shall have foreseen and agreed to the occurrence of such events when you provide your personal information.


8. Applicable law and jurisdiction


When you access the website and use the facilities and (or) services provided by the website, you are considered having agreed that such access and the provision of such execution and/or services are bound by laws of the People's Republic of China and that you are subject to the jurisdiction of the courts in the People's Republic of China.


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