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J30 series Connector
The plastic shell includes 8 types : 9、15、21、25、31、37、51、100 cores, using twist wire spring pin (twist pin), the performance specification meets the requirements of MIL--C—83513 and GJB2446. They are widely used for electric connector in the military electric equipment.
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J30 series
J30 series Connectors Product solid pictureJ30 series Connectors Product solid picture
J30 series
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J30 series

  ?The products are characterized by flexible pin and reliability contacts( High density);
  ? The J30 are miniature rectangular electrical connectors, which performance meet the requirements of GJB142A.MIL-C-24308C and other industrial standards;
  ? These products are widely used in the fields of communications, information technology, electronics, industrial control ,etc.
  ? The products are characterized by small size, light weight and reliability.
  ? The contact terminations are as follow: solder, crimp, press-fit, straight spill, right angle solder ,etc.
  ? This series of products for the installation and locking requirements of Annex separate purchase orders. If suppliers need to be together and products specified in the contract.
  ? The implementation of standard products is as follows:
Rectangular connector J30 series of micro technology.

J30 series
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J30 series
 Ambient Temperature Range
-55~+125 ?
Relative Humidity
Up to 90% at +40?
10~2000 Hz   196m/s2
Radom Vibration
Power density 0.4G2/Hz  total acceleration-root-mean square is 23.1G
735 m/s2
Current Rating
735 m/s2
Contact Resistance
Insulation Resistance
=5000 MO
Dielectric Strength
800 V
500 times
J30 series
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J30 series

    J30  ×    -    ×  TJ/ZK   ×  -  ×(covering)
     ?   ?          ?    ?      ?     ?
      ?:J30 —Series Prefix
      ?:×  —Shell changed, the basic (no express), A, B, three shell forms
      ?:×—Number of Contacts:9?15?21?25?31?37?51
      ?:TJ/ZK—Type of Connectors and Contacts: TJ—Pin in the plug    ZK—Socket in the receptacle
      ?:×—Type of Contacts:No designator for crimp?N – in-line for PCB?W – Right Angle for PCB
      ?:-×—modifications or changes in the boot “-J” Bending the boot inserted PCB Connector grid spacing change to 1.27 × 2.54 (out × Bank)
Note :the covering is not included in the ordering information, please mark the cable type in the bracket. For example: the section area, the length and the color of cable. If the relative of connecting cable is complex, please give the connecting cable table.
 Examples signs
      J30  -  37  TJ  W  -J
     The variation type :W-J?Contact number for the J30-37 plugs?

J30 series
Contact Arrangementstop ↑
J30 series

    (It depends plugs from docking)

J30 series Connectors Contact Arrangements

J30 series
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J30 series
Family tree of plug (receptacle)
Family tree of J30 connectors are showed below:
J30 series Connectors The Family Tree
Family tree of accessories
J30 series Connectors The Family Tree
Notification for product selection
The suitable accessories are subject to the requirement of product when order J30 connectors, si that it will be easy to locking and mounting. And just need to assign the code of accessories. 


J30 series
Product Familytop ↑
J30 seriesJ30 crimp contact connectors
Contacts with the domestic pressure for connecting wire connections. Normal hours (applicable to multiple cross-section area of 0.1mm2 wire cable, 0.12mm2.0.15mm2 or 0.14 mm2) and the small cross-section area (applicable to multiple cross-section area of 0.07mm2 cable wire) cable series.
J30 variations of crimp contact connectors
Suitable for cables for 0.07mm2, the other situations are the same with basic types of crimp contact J30-TJ, ZK.
J30 inline contact for PCB connectors
The series of products based PCB grid spacing and divided into two types: N-N1 type.N-grid spacing of 2.54 × 1.6 (out × firms)N1 grid spacing of 2.54 × 2.54 (out × Bank).
J30 right angle contact for PCB connectors
The series of products into two types: PCB grid spacing and W-J-W.W-grid spacing of 2.54 × 2.54 (x listed firms)W-J grid spacing of 1.27 × 2.54 (out × Bank).
J30 variation of in-line contact for PCB
Contact the product plugs some form of a typical PCB termination. Contact form part of the termination of socket inserted bend SMT and PCB, with the center locking screw o the plug. on the other hand, with a center locking screw socket sets.
J30 accessories
J30 Annex series of major components locking screw, screw installation components, the installation of locking stent components, fixation components such as locking annex.
Panel cutouts of J30 connectors

J30 series